Finance Assistant

The candidate must have a clear understanding of finance fundamentals and how to support the organisation expectations and needs. You will be in charge of keeping updated all SHM's finances records as well as presenting reports to high management. This involves working along with the CFO, Accounting department and assisting the Admin Team. The goal is to keep records and numbers as clear as possible by managing and improving Cash flow, Profit/Loss, Income Statements, Budgeting, Provider Payments, Payroll, Client Invoicing and Billing Tracker, among others. You will prepare and deliver all the documentation needed every month-end. This process includes documenting, filing and scheduling the deliveries with the Accounting team. You might also support HR in the onboarding and offboarding process. This may include updating amounts on the database, register incidents, payroll discounts, and payment of bonuses or alimony.


Developing metrics and being accountable for utilization

Consults with High Management to understand their goals

Work with other departments and report to High Management

Process and prepare financial and business forms for the purpose of checking account balances, facilitating purchases, etc.

Perform routine calculations to produce analyses and reports as requested by the finance director

Help oversee and manage individual accounts

Create, send, and follow up on invoices

Review and adhere to department budgets

Collect and enter data for various financial spreadsheets

Ensure all calculations and data entries are correct

Collect information for and prepare payroll payments for employees

Assist the financial director in creating financial reports on a regular basis

Adhere to the company’s or organization’s financial policies and procedures

Answers question and provide assistance to stakeholders, employees, and clients as needed

Attend finance department and company-wide meetings, sometimes assisting with financial reporting to managers and senior executives

Suggest changes or improvements to increase accuracy, efficiency, and cost reductions


Desired skills and experience

English: Fluent

Solid communication skills, both written and verbal

Advanced Knowledge in business, finance, accounting, or a related field

Excellent mathematical skills ? Understanding of data privacy standards

Customer-service skills

Familiarity with business principles and practices

Superior attention to detail

Organisational skills; planning, problem-solving, analytical, critical thinking

Computer skills, particularly with Excel and Google Sheet spreadsheets and formula

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